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Catching Up with Uber, Lyft, & GoPuff

There is no time like the present. 2019 has ushered in so many changes its so hard to keep track of all of my thoughts (even with all of my beautiful planners). I will just start with my thoughts for today and rewind, fast forward, or pause whenever I need to.

As a serial entrepreneur I've figured out many methods that can be used to not be bogged down by the regular nine to five work schedule. Not so much because I don't like working but because I like doing what makes since. We are trained to think that there isn't much more to life than making money. In all actuality there is so much more to enjoy.

Years ago I figured out how to make money without being tied down to the traditional nine to five. I was an independent consultant! I worked for myself. I made my own rules. I found my niche and that was when it all happened..... I realized that all these folks who wanted to own their own businesses needed someone to show them how to do it. That was me! I was your girl. I had the skill set. I've done it for so many companies surely I could help smaller companies learn how to function smarter and not harder.

As easy as it sounds, helping people who needed help made me go back to the working world twice. These folks might have wanted the help but they had no clue what kind of help they needed. It was the most frustrating experience ever. Helping people who wanted you to care more about their business then they did themselves. A whole lot of people who wanted to be the boss but didn't want to do the work.

We fast-forward to 2019 and the stars are aligned with my thoughts and the decision was made... I will not work to help those who won't help themselves. I will work for my most important client..... Me! Over the last four years I realized that there were things that I loved to do that people were actually interested in and there was an easier more effective way to sow into people (which is my truest joy). I told my two oldest clients that I can no longer keep them as clients. All that was left was for me to figure out how to pay my bills. Money wasn't my motivation but I had to eat. Hence the reason for the title of this blog.

To be honest Uber and Lyft had me at hello a few years ago. The easiest way to make money without any of the workplace drama. I was sold. These two companies proved to supply what I needed. I needed income and a schedule I could control. GoPuff came later. A similar platform but better. I didn't have to be in my car all day to make the money. Between the three platforms I am able to concentrate on what makes me happy. I took the skills that I taught other people and applied them to what I wanted to do. I was able to plan my day, make the money I needed to make, and live!


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