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Keep Your Microwave Clean

My mind races day to day with a trillion thoughts. Many times I laugh on the inside because it amazes me that ones mind can think of so many things. Because I know how active my mind is I assume that the average person, that I come in contact with thinks as much or even half as much as I do. If your wondering the purpose of this conversation don't worry I will tell you... I am outlining the average brain activity of an average person. An average person who is capable of thinking... so one would think?

My father and I always talk about what "they say" (you know people always know they say...(blah, blah, blah). I will probably post another blog about "they" because I love the topic of "they". Back to my point. "They" say that you should treat others the way you want to be treated. Now obviously, upbringing has a lot to do with it but again it's only right (even for those who do wrong to others). This generation would probably use the word petty but I am a 70's baby and I am going to say "fair".

I, like a whole lot of Americans use the microwave on a regular basis. Others in my house use it for storage. I use a plate then I place it in the sink or wash it even. Others use a plate and place the plate in the microwave after using it. Tying this together one would say that not everyone thinks the same way but... Wouldn't "they" say put a dirty plate in the sink not the microwave? Is this subject worth discussing in detail expecting change? Probably not! Bad habits are hard to break. What is fair? What would "they" do? What would you do?

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