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The Fairytale They Never Mention


I'm the older sister but I learn a lot from talking to my younger sister who is 10 years my junior...

Just like many women around the world girl talk is where we exchange the why, why not, and how to conversation. For years I gave my sister advice (that's what older sisters do) on life and how to take it all in. Like most people, I think I have some things to share that can enlighten, guide, or redirect a certain train of thought. I had been single by choice and spent some years mingling in the world of dating. I had a ball. I could come and go as I pleased, talk to whomever I pleased, and the best part ... dismiss whenever I pleased. I learned how to play the game. I was convinced that it was all a game. Not a game of manipulation more so a game of your move my move.

My sister had a whole different theory to the why. Why do women have such expectations of what life in relationships is supposed to be like? Her answer was thee answer. It was the fairytale theory. The fairytale theory was that little girls grew up watching over and over the story of prince charming. The story never talks about what really happens when you start living the ever after.

It is important to know...


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