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So! I am in week two of this blogging thing. I am pretty proud that I am actually making an entry. There are so many notes in my phone about ideas and thoughts that I want to share. Before I could move forward it came to me... Share! Share the plan. I always say that planning and procrastination look a lot alike. No need to repeat the introduction for this blog, just know that procrastination had a home but it lives here no more:)

One of my most recent addictions is the addition of planner decoration. Decorating my planner is just one of those little things that makes me excited about When Monday Comes! I just had a corny moment. You know... I'm planning for my week... When Monday Comes! (I love it!). Anyway, I thought I would share what my planner for the week looks like. Above is my weeks plan. I have my personal plan and my business plan. I don't kill myself trying to get it all done. It feels great when it happens, but if it doesn't (for any reason) I add it to the following week and adjust the plan.

There is nothing spectacular about what's happening here. The biggest take away is probably going to be that there is something important that happens when pen meets paper. Writing down the to do list, grocery list, project, or any other list that makes sense for your life is beyond important. Think about it! The planner and journaling business is a million dollar business. If you YouTube it you will see so many videos on how to plan. I'm not making this stuff up.


This planning thing makes it ok for adults to still play with stickers:) At some point I am sure I will share my love for maintaining my youth. Stickers is a must! Stickers and Planners make life a little easier to look at.


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