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Not Your Average Fairy Tale

I know some pretty resourceful people who know that I am always seeking knowledge. It could be a fabulous pen, a pretty journal, advice...whatever it is I love those who think! While living vicariously through one of my peers I was introduced to the video that I hope you take the time to watch. Mark Gungor, a pretty cool guy it seems, has a pretty interesting take on... wait for it... wait for it... How men and women think! He calls this The Tale of Two Brains.

I have to say that he repeats a million times what most women know but just don't want to admit. I call it the fairy tale. It's worth the time. You may not watch it here but I hope you do what I do. Save it! Bookmark it! Put it on your to do list. Its a good one.

#video #relationships #youtube #menandwomen #marriage #ataleoftwobrains

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