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The concept of When Monday Comes has been a goal for some time.  Like most I engage in social media not so much for the social but because it's all things media at my fingertips. To understand my idea of media one has to know that it means being able to IMDB  a movie to figure out the actor on the new show because I remember his face from a show in the early 90's.  It could mean using Google to figure out the correct way to spell a word that I constantly misspell.  It definitely includes version of Instagram. Lastly, the famous memes that have taken over the world!  I am addicted.  


I have come to use my own form of categorizing in my media world.  I use Facebook to stay in communication with folks that I like.  I have a few groups on there that keep my attention for the most part.  Instagram is where I store all of the memes that got us here.  I will explain in a second.  Pinterest, my lover of social media, is used for all sorts of creative and inspirational things.  It's my adult nighttime story.  There are a few others, but they aren't that important.


We are here because like most bloggers there are things that intrigue me.  As I mentioned before Instagram is what got us here.  I never understood the need for Facebook to be linked to Instagram but the one thing that kept me connected to both was that I could keep my Facebook page full of the love that I share and store the memes (this is me explaining) that makes me say hmm in a central location to one day reference.   It's my virtual C drive to the memes that I love.


The name... I honestly had no clue what I wanted to call the blog.  So many years, so many ideas, so many domains taken!  My mother, wrote a book "When Sunday Comes" that involved a lot of purging.  While having a conversation about what I wanted this blog to include, the name came to me.  When Monday Comes is about reflection on days, months, and years past mixed with current thoughts and ideas, topped with ideas for the future.  It all starts with Monday... When Monday Comes!

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